"It's not about who we are... it's about what we are..."

We're just human beings trying to get through life without hurting ourselves or others. Unfortunately, we've done both. We are social beings, meant to connect, interact and, because of our innate frailty, we're required to work together to survive and thrive. As human beings want to be safe, thrive, love and be loved... be happy.

It's a tough world out there with lots of fear, worry, concern and in our quest to survive and thrive our fears and insecurities can drive us to put our wants and needs above those of others. When we do that, we hurt ourselves and others.

Like all the other human beings out there, we have struggled more than we needed to. We don't do that to ourselves any longer. Now, "we relax and take it easy... we don't struggle."

In order to do this we are committed to helping others be able to do the same. If we're all relaxed, taking it easy, where's the room for anxiety, panic, fear, hurt and pain? Where's the struggle?

Christine Aguilar
Christine Aguilar, PhD

My mission in life is to help others to define and achieve their dreams and be the best version of themselves.

I have had the great privilege of a career in education: a K-12 teacher and principal; working in the areas of Mindfulness, Social and Emotional Learning and Cultural Responsiveness training for educators; an instructional designer at the university level and managing large scale projects in School Safety and Health and Atmospheric Science education and outreach.

Aguilar-Gordon Consulting allows me to ensure that those who may not have previously had access to excellent mental health and wellness services can now receive instruction and growth opportunities not previously available to them. In addition, I am a life coach and teach future teachers at Colorado State University.

My achievements include a PhD in Education and Human Resources, natural horsemanship, being a wonderful mom, strong relationships with friends and family, and making my own dreams come true.

I have a rich creative life that includes gardening, wool working, painting, animals, nature, healthy and delicious cooking, and furniture rehab.

I look forwarding to being of service to you so that you may be of service to others.

Ian Gordon
Ian Gordon, MEd

I have embarked and focused on a journey of awareness, mindfulness and continual personal growth and learning.

I strive to make every encounter with another person a positive one by approaching them from a place of compassion and love. Learning to learn every day is the real goal when I venture into the world - learning is, for human beings, our true vocation.

I am accessible, listen to the needs of people and am creative in responding and assisting all to be successful. I work hard at building relationships and build the trust necessary to lead in any situation. Because of this ability and willingness to collaborate, ideas are born, and success follows.

My 30-year career in education encompasses a myriad of experiences and expertise. I taught high school at a detention centre for young offenders and developed courses and taught in the Colorado State University teacher licensure program. I have experience consulting in training, employee development and program assessment to clients worldwide. I am a leader and innovator in developing and implementing systems and ideas to improve instruction. As a progressive and master educator I use outcomes and goals to align curriculum and instruction, and use a variety of assessments to ensure successful learning and growth experiences.

It is my goal to help experts in their field bring their knowledge to others.

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