We bring to you 50 plus years of experience in the teaching and learning field from teaching elementary school to working with universities across the world.

Personally, we have experienced the pain of life-navigating issues of post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, being paralyzed by fear, abandonment, divorce, family dysfunction, job loss, financial insecurity and more. Feeling, in our early 20’s, that there was “something” wrong we embarked on journeys to discover a “fix”. Finding the right resources and professionals was extremely limited, intimidating, too expensive, not available in our area, too much of a time investment, riddled with stigma, and varying in quality.

After more than 30 years of searching, we have been able to slowly find resources to help us in living this challenging life in a healthy way- but oh the difficulty! Having now experienced deep healing and acquiring tools to thrive in life through working with experts in the field of mental health and wellness, we want to pass it forward.

If we can assist even one person in having access to mental health and wellness resources that are affordable, comfortable, accessible, and high quality our existence has been worthwhile.

We come to you with our passion for teaching and learning and our desire to help ourselves, and others, be the best people we can be.

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We believe that learning is best when:

  • structured around expert knowledge and personal experience.
  • combined with reflection, new knowledge and experiences.
  • linked to improving your quality of life and relationships.
  • contributing to self-growth and awareness.
  • accessible.

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We join you in your journey to get your important information and skills to the people who need it by:

  • developing unique learning experiences.
  • assisting you to get your expertise in forms that are accessible to more people who need it.
  • providing structured, measurable continuity so the participant, and others, can see progress and results in a concrete way.
  • helping you to develop new income streams.
  • assisting with the development of Continuing Education Units to bring your expertise and experience to new practitioners.
  • allowing for you to create more access points to you in the form of additional courses, workshops, one on one and group experiences, workbooks, and books you author.

We offer assistance in developing your expertise into learning experiences with a range of services including:

  • online, face to face, hybrid courses and curricula.
  • one hour to multi-week learning experiences.
  • one day to week long workshops and retreats.
  • aligning national and state standards to your courses to provide access to continuing education credits for practitioners in your profession.
  • strategies and ideas to market your courses and services making them accessible and affordable for more people.
  • creating passive income streams to cover overhead and expenses to lessen financial burdens.
  • creating contact and connection to complimentary practitioners to help each other grow your businesses and broaden access to services.

Getting started?

Let's talk...

This is a conversation where we will discuss where you are and where you see yourself going. What are your visions and goals? What do you want to provide? How do you see your business growing...

From this conversation we can share ideas about how we can help you do the things you want, get to where you want to be and help others to do the same.

When we're done the conversation, we'll write up a detailed report of what we can do to assist you. You may use the results of this conversation to work with us or take the ideas and work with them in a way that suits you best.